All about my journey into first time motherhood at 43,
Infertility, IVF, twin parenting, breastfeeding and other womanly things.
The good, the bad, the funny and the ugly.

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Once a web developer/designer, I’m now a reluctant chef, a waste removal technician, an entertainment host, a project manager, and a newbie blogger. In short, I’m a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), but more importantly, I’m a badass twinsmom to 2 awesome twinkies, my 18 month old fraternal twins Ian & Sam.

It's a Twinkie Life


Hope: IVF Diaries

My 3 year long journey to motherhood was full of countless detours and dead ends: pain, loss, surgeries (2), IVF cycles (3), and endless needles (160). I went through all …

Dr. Doom really had no clue…

A couple of weeks after my emergency surgery, we went on vacation to Mexico, a trip we had booked to celebrate the completion of my web development program.  We couldn’t …